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Horrible Histories - Terrible Tudors

We all want to meet people from history.

The trouble is everyone is dead!

So it’s time to prepare yourselves for Terrible Tudors live on stage!

From the horrible Henriesto the end of evil Elizabeth, hear the legends (and the lies!) about the torturing Tudors. Find out the fate of Henry's headless wives and his punch up with the Pope. Meet Bloody Mary and see Ed fall dead in his bed. Survive the Spanish Armada as they launch their attack!

It’s history with the nasty bits left in!

Access Information

For access information please contact 0330 333 4815


2 Charing Cross Rd, Charing Cross, London WC2H 0HH

Cancellation Policy

No refund or exchanges are available after purchase.


The appearance of any member of cast is subject to change and may be affected by contracts, holiday, illness, or events beyond the producers' control.



Where Do I Go

2 Charing Cross Rd, Charing Cross, London WC2H 0HH

Garrick Theatre

2 Charing Cross Rd, Charing Cross, London WC2H 0HH

Latest customer reviews

  • 100% good

    3 September 2022

    My 6-year-old said: “100% good”. She enjoyed the divorced-beheaded-died action song and laughed her head off at the very dirty tissue.

    Cecile Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • 3 September 2022

    Fantastic performance

    SF Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Only Two Performers

    1 September 2022

    We took our six year old granddaughter, she is a big fan. Whilst she enjoyed it, personally for the money, I thought it was rather 'thin' with just two performers. It was fairly padded out to run for just one hour ten minutes. It would really benefit from a larger caste to give it a better theatre experience.

    Wisteria Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Fantastic!

    28 August 2022

    Hilariously funny and very entertaining! The actors were very engaging and encouraged audience participation. The Garrick Theatre itself is a very beautiful theatre and as it's quite small, the audience had a great view of those on stage.

    KW Confirmed ticket purchaser