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1609. I AM EMILIA.


400 years ago Emilia Bassano wanted her voice to be heard. It wasn’t. Could she have been the “Dark Lady” of Shakespeare’s sonnets? What of her own poems? Why was her story erased from history?

Emilia and her sisters reach out to us across the centuries with passion, fury, laughter and song. Listen to them. Let them inspire and unite us.

Celebrate women’s voices through the story of this trailblazing, forgotten woman.

Stand up and be counted. 


Shakespeare’s Globe’s “EXTRAORDINARILY ROUSING NEW PLAY” (The Independent) which met with “WHOOPS, CHEERS, BELLY LAUGHS, A STANDING OVATION” (Time Out), now explodes at the Vaudeville theatre. An all-female cast playing both hers and hims rouses “AUDIENCES INTO A PITCH OF FERVOUR”( The Guardian) in a “MAGNIFICENT PRODUCTION” (The Stage) filled with “WIT, FIERCE INTELLIGENCE AND HEADY INTENSITY” (The Times).


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For Accessibility information please contact 0330 333 4815

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No refunds or exchanges after booking.

Good To Know

The appearance of any member of cast is subject to change and may be affected by contracts, holiday, illness, or events beyond the producers' control. If in doubt please check with the Box Office before booking


8 March – 15 June 2019 

Monday – Saturday 7:30pm. Wednesday and Saturday 2:30pm 

Where Do I Go

Vaudeville Theatre, 404 Strand, London WC2R 0NH


Public Transportation

Charing Cross (Northern, Bakerloo lines) Embankment (District, Circle lines)


Bus Routes

1, 4 , 6, 9, 11, 13 , 15, 68, 76, 171, 176, 188

Vaudeville Theatre

Latest customer reviews

  • Go and see it

    29 May 2019

    An incredibly powerful and important piece of theatre. Everyone should watch it!

    Sameera steward Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Women power

    27 May 2019

    This play was originally done at the Globe, a circular open-air theatre with a surrounding audience. So it was structured to draw in the audience and encourage reaction. It managed to do the same in this traditional proscenium arch auditorium. Though sometimes a little simplistic it contained some powerful reflections on the position of women at the time of Emilia and their difficulty in being accepted as writers or any kind of artist. These aroused strong reactions from the audience, echoing or adding to points made, plus spontaneous cheering. The audience was mostly young, in their teens and twenties, and a majority were female, not necessarily the usual audience for West End theatre. But they were moved and enthused by this tale of growing woman power, with quotes such as "god, I've never seen anything like this before;" "thankyou for bringing me to this" and "I'm going home to google the real Emilia". And Emilia's final speech, talking about turning the book-burning (and women-burning) fire back on the men who would oppress and silence women had the audience on their feet, fists in the air and cheering the house down. A final nice twist - that of reversing the Shakespearian tradition, so excellent cast were female, including those playing men playing women in Shakespeare's Globe. Deserves a longer run. Try the Edinburgh Fringe where audiences will appreciate the staging and the play's message.

    Mike Snaith Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Why do you NOT want your neighbour, friend, or partner to be your equal?

    26 May 2019

    This is a nugget of truth in time, placed for us all to consume. See these extraordinary artists. Buy the text. Look at it frequently. Use it like a ready reckoner, as if you are accounting for times passed, hopes for the future & your life now. Your life will be better for this if you want it to be. Much love. Krista.

    Krista Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • just the best

    14 May 2019

    I loved the show from start to almost finish. Cast, set, costumes, script--all were just wonderful. My only negative was that the final monologue was too pejorative--I understand the point but I would have liked to hear HOW to turn the anger into something positive rather than "just stay angry all the time." Would have been a more upbeat ending. But I did LOVE the show.

    Steffi W Confirmed ticket purchaser

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