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The Starry Messenger

In the vastness of the universe are we all just lonely souls under the same night sky? Hollywood star and multiple Tony Award-winning Broadway legend Matthew Broderick makes his West End debut in The Starry Messenger by Kenneth Lonergan, Academy Award-winning writer of Manchester By The Sea.

Mark Williams is lost. An astronomer at New York City’s Planetarium, he feels a closer connection to the infinite, starry sky than to his job or even to his wife, Anne.  Mark doesn’t believe in fate or divine intervention, but the universe has other ideas. After a chance meeting with Angela, a young single mother, Mark feels starry-eyed. But when a catastrophic event rips through their lives, Mark is forced to re-evaluate his life, his faith and his place in the universe itself.

Starring Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mel Brooks’ The Producers), and Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey, The Handmaid’s Tale), this bittersweet, comic drama is an unblinking exploration of love, hope and understanding our place in the universe, by one of the most celebrated writers working today.

“Breathtaking” Time Out

“The Starry Messenger establishes Mr. Lonergan as a possessor of all the crucial parts of a good dramatist’s anatomy: a critical mind, an empathetic heart and a musical ear that hears whole lives in sentences.” New York Times


Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DA

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No exchanges or refunds available after purchase. 


2 hours 30 minutes approx (including interval)

How Does It Work

You will receive a confirmation email. Please print the confirmation email and bring it along with some photo ID to the box office at the theatre.  We recommend you allow 30-40 minutes to collect your tickets and settle into your seats

Suitable For Children

Recommended for ages 12 years +

Performance Times

Performances from: Thursday 16 May 2019 until Saturday 10 August 2019 

Previews: 16 May – 28 May 2019  ( Preview pricing not applicable on 28 May)

16th July at 7.30pm performance will be captioned.    


Performance Schedule 

  • Monday to Saturday: 7.30pm 
  • Wednesday & Saturday: 2.30pm 
Where Do I Go

Wyndhams Theatre

Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DA

Take an immediate left down Duncannon Street and then turn right up St Martins Place. Continue past the Garrick Theatre as the road turns into Charing Cross Road. The theatre is next to Leicester Square tube station.

Wyndhams Theatre

Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0DA

Latest customer reviews

  • Needed editing!

    23 May 2019

    Very unusual style of play. Bit too ponderous in many parts and one for the nerds we felt. Definitely too long - edit pen required. Did enjoy though.

    Cella Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • A Starry Mess

    22 May 2019

    The worst and most tedious evening at the theatre I have EVER spent. The play was boring, banal and just bad, bad, BAD. A word-weary play that purports to open up complex issues but ends up going nowhere. Midlife crisis, worn-out marriage, Roman Catholic inborn guilt? All shopworn, played-out, old hat, clichéd issues that have been examined ad nauseum in both theatre and film. Even Matthew Broderick - who is a fine actor; you can't actually tell that he is acting - couldn't save this dud. The play is wordy and mind-numbingly longwinded. Also, I have never in my theatre-going life seen such bad costume design! Is Chiara Stevenson colour blind? Has she no sense of style or period fashion? I have never seen such a mad mixture of hideous mismatched colours. Also, has she never heard of the theatrical turn of phrase 'breaking down'? That is, making something brand-new look time-worn and used. Obviously not, because Mark's briefcase - which he would have probably been carrying to and from the planetarium for years and it would have showed - looked like it had just come straight out of Bloomingdales men's wear department! Ditto Arnold's attaché case and all the ladies' handbags, especially Angela's brand spanking new high-gloss tan leather bucket bag. These were not REAL clothes worn by REAL people. Overall I would say that this is a dud play and an equally dud production. It's only draw is the star-studded cast! A shame they didn't get Miriam Margolyes to play Mrs Pysner! Now that really would have been a starry, starry cast!!

    Thom O'Dwyer Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Slow and underwhelming

    20 May 2019

    The story was ok but too slow with too much unnecessary and boring dialogue. It felt as though the play never got going. The interval was 90 minutes in. The set looked good with nice use of lighting, but sound was an issue for us as the voices didn’t carry very well for some of the actresses. Would not really recommend.

    KFarrant Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • tedious and a bit boring

    19 May 2019

    I think forgetting lines is probably a reflection of the entertainment value of the show. some really good parts, but spoilt by some really dull scenes. good potential, but really lacklustre. Matthew's final monologue was so long and had absolutely no purpose, highlights or finale. quite disappointing!

    tim smith Confirmed ticket purchaser