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A Very Expensive Poison

Based on the Guardian/Faber book by Luke Harding


A shocking assassination in the heart of London. In a bizarre mix of high-stakes global politics and radioactive villainy, a man pays with his life.

At this time of global crises and a looming new Cold War, A Very Expensive Poison sends us careering through the shadowy world of international espionage from Moscow to Mayfair.

John Crowley (Brooklyn, The Goldfinch) directs Lucy Prebble’s (The Effect, ENRON) reimagining of Luke Harding’s jaw-dropping exposé of the events behind the notorious death of ex-FSB Officer Alexander Litvinenko.

Cancellation Policy

No refunds or exchanges available after purchase


Act One: 1 hour 25 minutes

Interval: 20 minutes  

Act Two: 1 hour 20 minutes

Good To Know

A Very Expensive Poison includes the following:

• Flashing lights

• Loud noise (gunfire)

• Smoke and haze

• Tobacco and herbal cigarette smoke

• Some strong language and some mild sexual references

Suitable For Children

Suitable for ages 12+

Where Do I Go

The Old Vic

The Cut, London


The Old Vic

Latest customer reviews

  • Worthy

    3 October 2019

    A glorious play by the incredible Lucy Prebble. Loved the acting and the set design. A remarkable show very much updated in nowadays political agenda.

    Mano Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Exceptional piece of theatre

    2 October 2019

    Everything theatre should be - important subject, genuinely emotional and incredibly creative. Brilliant staging and set design with puppetry, animation and dance woven amongst the play. Great performances all round but Reece Shearsmith was a scene stealer.

    Justine Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Enthralling combination of satire, pantomime and pathos

    1 October 2019

    Enthralling combination of satire, pantomime and pathos. Very imaginative and effective adaptation of this sorry story. Hilarious yet a chilling reflection of the times we're living in. And a warning...

    Oksana Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Topical, engaging, compelling

    25 September 2019

    I thoroughly enjoyed A Very Expensive Poison. The play was both entertaining and enlightening, dealing with a recent episode in our history from which we do not emerge very gloriously. The subject is dealt with sensitively yet powerfully. The actors are all excellent and believable. The disregard for the proscenium arch is engaging. The variety of styles helps keep the play light enough for the audience not to feel they have sat through a political diatribe. Excellent activist theatre.

    MaraMS Confirmed ticket purchaser